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Sandgate’s Own Halloween Spooktacular

Story: Kelly Walker
Sep 18, 2019
Sandgate’s Own Halloween Spooktacular
Get ready ghosts and goblins – Halloween is coming to Sandgate once again! Originating in the ancient Celtic regions of Europe, Halloween was initially intended as an end of summer celebration to ward off ghosts and spirits.

However, over time, it’s evolved into the fun, family-friendly holiday that it is today. This is exactly what Sandgate locals, Lisa Hodgkinson and Blaine Darago, love most about Halloween, and why they started their very own Sandgate Spooktacular.

“We just love putting this on for our community, It’s a great way to meet the neighbours!” Lisa said.

As big kids at heart, Lisa and Blaine were eager to share their Halloween spirit as soon as they moved to the area in 2014.

“Growing up in Canada, Halloween was always a big deal. It brings back some of my fondest childhood memories,” Lisa said.

Much to Lisa’s delight, the number of trick or treaters visiting their home each Halloween has seen a substantial increase since they first moved to Sandgate.

“We had about 50 people the first year and last year we had over 500!”

Despite the large investment of both time and money, and the challenges that come with finding storage for all of their props, the couple are dedicated to making their Spooktacular better and better every year.

“We’ve been collecting props from all over the world and we have a new addition coming from the United States this year,” Lisa said.

“We are also so thankful to all of our friends who help out – it truly takes a village to make the event a success.”

Catering to the entire community, the Sandgate Spooktacular offers a “quiet hour” from 3.30pm to 4.30pm for little ones who may be overwhelmed by bright lights, scary noises or animated props. There will also be non-candy treats for those with allergies.

“We invite everyone to come along,” Lisa said. “Although for braver souls looking for a good scare, it’s best to come after dark for the full haunted experience.”

Sandgate Spooktacular 
107 Clayton St, Sandgate
Thursday 31 October from 3.30pm
For the best scare, come after dark!

Halloween on the Bay

We have scoured the Bayside for details of spooky and scariest places for trick or treating and Halloween-related celebrations.

Halloween Hot Spots

For a list of streets participating in trick or treating check the Sandgate Mums Facebook group. Each October the group asks locals to post details of key Halloween locations and events. Past hot spots in Sandgate have included Clayton, Murray and Perkins Streets.

On Saturday 26 October from 4-10pm, the Canterbury Estate Shops in Bald Hills are hosting a Halloween charity event including a Trick or Treat Walk and markets. A Halloween House and maze will also be open on Thursday 31 October. Go to to secure tickets.

To Boo or Not to Boo

RE/MAX Property Shop in Sandgate is making free Halloween door hangers available from 1 October.

One side of the hangers invite trick or treaters to knock if they dare, with the other side saying ‘Do Not Disturb’.

You can collect the door hangers from the
RE/MAX office at 119 Brighton Rd during business hours.

Remember to keep Halloween a fun and safe environment for all involved. Be cautious on the road, and don’t let children trick or treat alone.