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Mr Henderson Now Serving Mid-week Lols

Story: Sandgate Guide | Photo: Ben McShea
Jul 29, 2019
Mr Henderson Now Serving Mid-Week LOLs
Mr Henderson may have officially taken the cake as one of Sandgate’s hippest bars. Not only does this local bar allow you to BYO snacks when you visit, but now Mr Henderson is one of the first venues in the area to offer regular free comedy.

For the past four months, the family-owned bar has been running the Big Night In comedy night on the last Thursday of each month. Kicking off at 7pm, the Big Night In includes a 10-minute set from three different comedians plus interactive crowd games, drinkable prizes and if the audience is up for it, lip-syncing karaoke to finish the night at 8.30pm sharp.

One of five owners of the bar, Claire Hamlyn, said they kept a close eye on the entertainment schedule, so it was all wrapped up by 8.30pm.

“Because it’s a school night we start at 7pm and finish the show by 8.30pm, that way people can come out and have a few laughs, a few drinks and be home in bed by 9pm, ready for work on Friday,” Claire said.

They may be strict on the schedule, but not on the content, with the comedy night rated an 18+ event. This includes the hilarious antics of Sandgate drag queen, Gina Realz, who shares the Big Night In’s hosting gig with local funny-man, Anthony Walsh.

Claire said people can expect a diverse line-up of comedians and laughs from the night.

“We have had a wide range of comedians through the bar, talking about the most random topics. Each Thursday it’s on, we have new comedians and most of them are up and coming comedians who are doing it out of love rather than for the money,” Claire said.

“We get anywhere between 20 to 35 people, but it’d be great to see a few more people. We’re just trying something new, and if the locals like it we’ll keep it.”

Get your monthly dose of laughter at Mr Henderson, 69 Brighton Road, on the last Thursday of the month starting at 7pm. For more information and group bookings of more than 10 people call 07 3269 2496 or email