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Music By The Sea: Bungarribee

Story: Donna Phillips
Jul 26, 2019
Music By The Sea: Bungarribee
Bungarribee’s sound has been described as “located somewhere to the north-east of jazz, but definitely south-south-west of European art music”. Meanwhile, to connect the dots, other pundits have signposted a trail from “Schoenberg to African folk”. So, when the quartet performs in Sandgate this September, just what can the audience expect?

Frontman, Gary Daley, said, “Bungarribee is not about purity of style, but intention. The juxtaposition of disparate styles/genres – classical, folk, world, improv – leads the music into uncharted waters, and that’s where we discover new and beautiful things, which are then filtered through the world of improvisation.”

Bungarribee, an indigenous word that can translate as “an idyllic meeting place”, is a fertile ground for gathering these four eclectic minds together to do just that.

Daley (piano, piano accordion, electronics), who travelled down Bungarribee Road to music lessons as a young boy, teams-up with Paul Cutlan (bass clarinet, clarinet, saxophones), Ollie Miller (cello, electronics), and Tungi Beier (Indian, African percussion, loop).

Music By The Sea director, Zoli Mauritz, said, “Each member of the band oozes experience, which triggers confidence in the listener to something new and unforgettable... something magic happens on the stage and it’s hard to put a finger on it.  What an intelligent approach to music.”

Interestingly, with a music-focused day job on ABC kids television (Lah-Lah’s Adventures), Daley’s art is a broad canvas. “Our music is a search for something new and surprising for both performer and listener.” When asked what audience is attracted to this platform, his response is, “Anyone who is into music.”

Let’s make it date then, shall we!

Saturday, 7 September – 7.30pm Sandgate Town Hall